Zanzibar is in east Africa and is a part of Tanzania, surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

Mini Jamaica
Zanzibar is also called Mini Jamaica, it is in union with Tanzania, it is about 25 kilometers from the capital in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.






Zanzibar city
Zanzibar's population is around 700.000, of whom half them resides in Zanzibar city, also called Stonetown.

The island
Zanzibar is 90 kilometers long, and 40 kilometers wide.
Allot of the cost is beaches, and there allot of vegetation and rainforest.

Jambiani where our guesthouse is located, is in the South East of Zanzibar, 40 kilometers from Stonetown

Jambiani is a bigger village with about 8000 inhabitants, and it is 3 kilometers long.